Since the foundation in 1917 Stenhøj Hydraulik has manufactured and marketed advanced and innovative products for the automotive industry. Each year offers a new set of challenges, and we thrive on them.

At STENHØJ HYDRAULIK A/S we are specialized in the manufacture of:

  • Hydraulic presses
  • Hydraulic bending equipment
  • Electro-mechanical broaching machines

Our longstanding experience enables us to continuously develop improved and custom engineered machines.
Our Mission is based on our ambition to optimize Stenhøj Hydraulik's position in the global market. We will fulfill our customers' needs for processing machines. We will provide market adapted solutions supplying added value through competent counseling and excellent service.

Our Vision is to have continuous influence on market developments. We will continue to improve our customers' experience of the value of every single order and of the business relationship in general. Through enterprising, creative and proactive conduct of business, Stenhøj Hydraulik will be the preferred partner in the targeted market and product areas.

Our concept is based on expert knowledge; we have something to be proud of - competent and committed employees dedicated to finding solutions to the needs of our customers.