A product from Stenhøj Hydraulik does usually take up more space physically. Anyway, the most part of it is hidden below the surface. Development hours, documentation and requirement specifications are not immediately apparent, but they are basically the foundation of the functionality of the machine. Therefore, it is engineering at the highest level and not two products are alike.

The structure of the machine is done in close cooperation with the customer and  Stenhøj, which is based upon the customer requirements for the items, which the machine will produce. Throughout the whole process there is a close contact between the customer’s project manager and the project manager at Stenhøj.

Close dialogue, frequently follow-ups and dedicated professionals keep the project on the right track. Through the whole process, we work with tests and periodic approvals, which ensure that the project will finish well.

The result is a reliable and tested product that meets the requirements of the customer  - not only from the first day but also far into the future.