Stenhøj hydraulic Bending equipment

STENHØJ has supplied special designed equipment for making offsets in heavy truck chassis beams for more than 40 years.

As the leading manufacturer in this unique process we are proud that today our equipment is being used, directly or indirectly, by well-known international truck manufacturers or their sub suppliers World Wide.

Our equipment represents a different and innovative way of viewing the manufacturing process and production flow of truck chassis beams with offset.

Traditionally, the bending of chassis beams has been done during the pressing process. Hereby, uncontrollable springback with deviations in parallelism, undesirable deformations like folds and angle deviations are well known problems.

Stenhøj's offsetting equipment is built to eliminate such problems and the machine is working fully automated, based on PLC/PC technology.

STENHØJ Bending Machines offer advantages like:

  • No folds in the flanges
  • No angle deviations in the flanges
  • Accurate positioning of the bending lines
  • Precise Offsets, irrespective of steel quality
  • Optimum parallelism
  • No after treatment of the bending points
  • Automatic compensation for springback through advanced "Learning-by-doing" system
  • Offsetting of painted beams
  • Twist (torsion) & Bow compensation  

The STENHØJ Bending machine is equipped with the best features for safe and flexible production of Truck Chassis Beams, and during more than 40 years experience in this process we have developed many important features like the Flexible bending tool, the intelligent “Learning by doing system” to optimize the cycletime as well as fully automatic correction systems.

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